Our Mission

Kingdom Fellowship Baptist Church is committed to giving hope to those who want to live the Kingdom Life with God through intentional evangelism, enriching and empowering them through teaching the good news of Jesus Christ. Rendering love and care to the downtrodden through fellowship. We will be committed to the youth by helping them excel in a hopeless society.

Kingdom Fellowship will take a holistic approach to finding solutions to help people of all walks of life to live the kingdom life.

latest events

Be Real

Be Real

/ February 24, 2019

In a society living on fake news, people long for a leader with integrity. Where there’s no integrity, people will fall away. Deep down, we all want to believe without fear of disappointment. There’s not...

Calling Men Willing to Take a Stand!
General, Recent Events

Calling Men Willing to Take a Stand!

/ February 24, 2019

Men’s Prayer Breakfast 2019 – “Men Of Integrity” Saturday, March 9th – 9am  Kingdom Fellowship & Pastor Darryl and Lady Jacqueline Roberts are inviting ALL MEN to the Kingdom Fellowship’s first Men’s Prayer Breakfast of the...


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